Tuesday, October 30, 2007


By beatifying hundreds of Francoist thugs, Pope Benedict once again reveals his Nazi roots. The fact that the thugs wore Roman collars makes them saints. Read the appalling CWN story here.

The Pope says all Christians should be ready to suffer martyrdom.

This sounds a little tinny coming from a Pope who once swore personal loyalty to Adolph Hitler. The Pope’s apologists say that Ratzinger wasn’t really a Nazi—he swore the Hitler oath in order to save his own skin.

Also, we should forget that Ratzinger’s Wehrmacht unit shot at Allied pilots over Germany. We are to supposed to believe that Ratzinger didn’t really mean to hurt anyone.

Ratzinger’s response to the most overwhelming evil of our times was to go along with it.

One thing’s for sure: if you’re martyred in your youth, you’ll never grow up to be Pope.

In recent months the Pope has urged European Christians to have more babies. This has so much the flavor of Lebensborn, it now seems completely fair to call Benedict “The Nazi Pope.”

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Anonymous said...

"...Also, we should forget that Ratzinger’s Wehrmacht unit shot at Allied pilots over Germany...."

Let's hope they killed plenty of those murderers of German civilians!

Anonymous said...

"Let's hope they killed plenty of those murderers of German civilians!"


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

SteveMD2 said...

RATZI was born in 1928 in Germany. he grew up during the Nazi Era.

they say that your earliest lessons in life are the most important in forming your beliefs and ideology.

Even his name was a warning from God not to Appoint this absolutist (exactly what nazis were) pope.

As a good catholic neigbor said, I cried when he was appointed pope.

And they were not tears of Joy.

The church is an absolutist, control all organization. Because it knows that once hard questions are asked, the whole rotten mess will collapse.

It simply feeds on itself and its need to always demonize and hate some group - gays, Jews etc. to keep the good catholic people from asking the real questions

WoundedEgo said...

While I think judging someone for their victimization as a child (and the Nazi Youth were completely victimized, and not to blame for their "sins" any more than child soldiers today), one must take seriously the gravity of the situation when one with such a horrific background rises to power in a group with such a horrific track record of atrocious behavior toward Jews. All is wrong with this picture. Catholicism is as wicked as Islam, albeit more boring....